About Us



Established in Hatton Shopping Village, Warwickshire, Arcade Sweets & Treats offers a unique blend of traditional and innovative confections, featuring over 400 varieties of sweets including exclusive freeze-dried selections, designed to delight every palate.

Dedicated to creating memorable experiences, we not only serve up delightful treats but also engage with our community through interactive services like arcade machines and magic mirror photo booths, perfect for weddings, events, and family outings.

Arcade Sweets & Treats is the brainchild of Liz and Aaron, a dynamic duo dedicated to recapturing the joy and nostalgia of old school sweet shops. Founded with the mission to bring back cherished memories of childhood and create new ones, their shop in Hatton, Warwickshire, is a vibrant testament to the sweetest parts of life.

At the heart of Arcade Sweets & Treats lies a passion for both tradition and innovation. The shop boasts an impressive selection of over 400 types of candies, ranging from timeless classics to unique, modern delights like their signature freeze-dried sweets. Liz and Aaron's commitment extends beyond just offering a wide array of treats; they aim to create a community hub where families and friends can gather to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

With a keen eye for what sparks joy and excitement, they've infused their shop with elements of fun that go beyond the edible. From arcade machines to plinko board, Arcade Sweets & Treats offers more than just sweets—it provides an experience. Whether you're revisiting beloved flavours from the past or discovering your new favourite treat, Liz and Aaron make sure every visit is a memorable adventure.

Arcade Sweets & Treats is more than just a sweets store—it's a destination where every visit reminds you to savour the sweetest parts of life.